In response to your requests, Dr. Layne and his healthcare team have developed HealthCheck an affordable Personalized Preventive-health Program [PPP] that you can manage in the privacy of your home and office.

The basic HealthCheck™ program has 3 components that you and your doctors can use to stay healthy:

  1. Health Evaluation: a state-of-the-art HealthChek™ questionnaire that you can complete in the privacy of your home and office. This provides your doctors with the basic information that they need to manage your health
  2. Health Management Guidelines: include suggestions for cancer prevention, diet and weight control, face, hair and skin care, nutritional supplements, etc. Guidelines are matched to you age and gender and are easy to follow.
  3. Health Monitoring: suggestions for long-term monitoring of your health, including Remote Patient Monitoring, (RPM) when indicated

This basic HealthCheck™ program  is available to Dr. Layne’s patients for $9.99 per month. You get:

  • a state-of-the-art virtual HealthCheck™ evaluation questionnaire
  • health management guidelines that are tailored to your age and gender
  • guidelines for monitoring your health to reduce your risk of developing preventable illnesses, accidents and injuries
  • the latest health alerts from CDC, your local and state health officials