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INTRODUCING: MyPHShop.com – an e-commerce website that is dedicated to keeping you well 

How we differ:

  • com is an e-commerce website that is dedicated to keeping you well
  • We focus on educating you about the best practices in Wellness and antiaging medicine - how to live a long and healthy life
  • Our goal is to earn your trust by giving you quality health information, health products, and health services that have been reviewed by doctors you know and trust
  • Our state-of-the-art HealthCheck Wellness and antiaging programs are personalized for your age and your gender.
  • Our HealthCheck team has hundreds of combined years of experience in providing patients with cost effective quality healthcare
  • Additional healthcare products and services will be offered after they have been reviewed by our healthcare team. Some of these parks and services may be suggested as part of your personalized Wellness and antiaging program


Prevention is the best and cheapest type of medicine

The past 2-plus years of COVID 19 isolation have been difficult for all of us. Many of you have messaged me: doc, I'm stuck at home or in an office all day and I don't want to get sick with this COVID-19 virus, monkey pox, or take lots of medicines. What can I do to improve my health?

In response to your request, doctor lane and the healthcare team have developed health check, an inexpensive personalized Wellness and antiaging program that you can manage in the privacy of your home and office


Many of the components of our basic HealthCheck™ program is available do our clients for less than $50 per month.

  • A state-of-the-art virtual health-evaluation questionnaire
  • Health management guidelines that are tailored to your age and gender
  • Good Health News© newsletters, with monthly updates and alerts from CDC, local and state health agencies


The Good News

  • If you already have a Health Savings Account (HSA) set up with your employer, the chances are good that most, if not all of the components of your basic health check Wellness and antiaging program may be covered by your HSA
  • The cost of in-home patient monitoring and remote patient monitoring (RPM) may already be covered by your insurance or by your existing Medicare policy for certain chronic conditions associated with diabetes, hypertension, previously documented heart disease and cancer.

Stay healthy all year for the cost of less than many individual prescription medicines 
At $50 per month, You may be able to stay healthy all year for less than the cost of many individual prescription medicines.


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